6 Best Travel Apps You Need For Every Trip You Go

Travel Apps

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, especially when you travel overseas. But as technology advances, many of us depend on our phones. Downloading travel apps can be a great way to ease our trip, depending on your requirements.

The days where we have to dig for guidebooks have gone. There are many kinds of travel apps for you to download. From language apps to booking a flight and hotel booking, there are many apps to help you during your trip. It helps you save some trouble and deal with the hiccups on the road.

But too many apps can be overwhelming too. Some may not even give much help. In this article, we will recommend some of the best travel apps you can use during your holidays. With all the apps, it helps you to navigate the city smoothly. So get ready to download all these apps for a smooth journey.

Best Travel Apps #1 – Kayak

Best Travel Apps
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Kayak is an app where you can search for different flight options to the destination you decide to go. Simply enter the details into the search bar, filter the data, and the results will appear. You can decide the flight based on your budget. It also allows you to find a new flight ASAP if there is any delay or cancellation.

Besides, if you intend to self-drive at the destination, you can search for car rentals and hotels. It is one of the best travel apps for those on a working trip or vacation trip planners. One of the best parts of this app is that it will recommend the best places to visit during each period of the year. You may have an idea of where to visit during the holidays.

The app is quite easy to use. The fonts are clear, and the design is simple. It is clear enough for you to search for the info you need.

Best Travel Apps #2– TripIt

Travel Apps
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It is always good to have an itinerary for your trip and have it organized in one place. TripIt can help you with it. All you have to do is forward your reservation info in emails, PDFs, photos, or other media formats to plans@tripit.com.

After you have sent it, TripIt will automatically create a custom itinerary to view. You can view it online or offline and even share it with your friends and family if you are in a group. It is a great way to keep track of your flight time or hotel reservation number and other important data.

You can use the free version. But you can upgrade to the premium version, which has more functions, including receiving flight delays, cancellations, check-in reminders, and more. You will save time by printing out your info with paper.  

Best Travel Apps #3– XE Currency Converter

Travel Apps
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If you are traveling overseas, this is an app that you would want to download into your phone. There’s always an exchange rate when you are using another country’s currencies. You may end up overspending. The XE currency converter helps you stay in touch with live updates on currency rates.

Don’t worry about which currency rate to save in the app, as it allows you to add up to 10 currencies. You can switch between them easily, whether online or offline. Certain countries accept the above two currencies; you can compare the rates to see which is cheaper.

Download the apps and get the latest currency rates. Save it, and you can use it without data or Wi-Fi. You can at least have a rough idea of the price as you shop without worrying how much the current exchange rate is.

Best Travel Apps #4– Timeshifter

Travel Apps
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Traveling to a different country with a different time zone can be a headache sometimes. Jet lag can be an issue, and you would be missing a lot of things if you can’t get up on time due to the jet lag. If jet lag is a problem for you, Timeshifter is an app you should download.

It can help you to come up with a personalized plan on when to wake up, when to sleep, when to avoid light, and more. You need to key in your age, gender, and normal sleep patterns, and the app based on this info to come out with a plan.

It may not completely help you with your jet lag, but it definitely will have a little help to help you adjust to the time when you just arrive in a new place. This app is not free. There’s a free trial for you to try out. You can pay per trip or get an unlimited plan for your later traveling plan.

Best Travel Apps #5 – GetYourGuide

Travel Apps
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If you are planning the trip on your own instead of getting it from a travel agency, GetYourGuide can be a great app to help you with your traveling plan. It is an online travel marketplace that includes various tours and excursions.

In this app, you will find various activities in different countries from all over the world. You can learn about each activity and read reviews before booking the activity you are interested in through their app or website.

The app is quite popular in Europe, but you can still find activities in other countries. It is quite easy to use, especially when you decide to have other things to do later in the country you are visiting. It is a perfect place to find activities that might interest you.

Best Travel Apps #6 – Tricount

Travel Apps

It can be troublesome when splitting costs in the trip, especially when traveling with friends, family, or other groups. With Tricount, it can help you with ease. This app helps you calculate the cost and split the bill.

You just need to enter the currency and invite your travel mates to join. When somebody pays the bill, enter the amount into the app, which will help you split the cost. The app will show you the amount of who owes whom. You can easily settle the money. You can snap the receipts into the app as proof.

6 Best Travel Apps You Need For Every Trip You Go
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